Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50. Wow. Who would have thought 50 years ago that they would be seeing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos going up against Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. The answer is Nostradamus or some other psychic that decided to remain anonymous. That’s besides the point, I can’t predict the future but what I can do is either 1. Win you a lot of money or 2. Lose you a lot of money. I’ll leave that up for you to decide. With that being said lets breakdown the game.

Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers (-6)

If you are new to gambling, the (-6) means Carolina is favored by six points. This means that in order for you to win your bet, the Panthers must win by seven or more. They can’t win by six because if it is six, then the bet becomes a push and nobody wins but nobody loses. OK now that’s out of the way let me breakdown the game.

The Denver Broncos arguably have the best edge rushers in the game. This is important in containing the read-option but that is where it comes down to Newton doing great things. The newly crowned league MVP, looks to cap off a magical season with a Super Bowl victory while the Sheriff, Manning, looks to cap off one of the best careers we’ve ever seen with a Super Bowl victory a la John Elway.

So this game comes down to defense, Carolina led by their rangy linebackers and Denver led by their pass rush and lock down secondary. Denver will look to establish the run game as always in hopes to take some pressure off of Manning. If the run game isn’t there expect a bunch of out routes and crossing routes so Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis don’t have a huge effect on the game.

Carolina will also try to do the same by establishing the run. Carolina has a great rushing offense and have one of the top three tight ends in the game with Greg Olsen. Not to mention the wild card Ted Ginn Jr. and the Panthers have a high-variance offense. There’s a reason they have averaged 40 points per game in the playoffs. SuperCam is SuperCam. He makes magic happen.

The Pick:¬†All bias aside, this game will be close. I expect Denver to cover the (+6) and even win the game outright. I think this Denver team is battle tested and the Panthers haven’t faced a defense this good all year. (Seattle Fans look pissed off). One of two things are going to happen. Either Denver wins a close one or Carolina wins in a blowout. I choose the latter. Denver 23-21. This one’s for Pat.


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